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1. Clean the browser from unwanted extensions (or disable extensions that block content)

2. Enable pop-UPS in browser

3. Try a different browser

4. Disable time antivirus software (can block pop-up window with login)

Why open cases/tickets with us?

Fully automated system. The exchange offer by bot comes in a few seconds - it's important to you quickly and prepared as the simplest and best things won without problems.
Drop on Topcscard guaranteed better in-game opening cases. Not only that you can do to get the best thing out of the ticket, and with a guaranteed slot skin package contains a good drop! Read user reviews and make sure that we often fall StatTrak things.
We have nothing to hide - all the statistics in front of your eyes. Click on the item in the live-tape skins and get detailed information about the user - his nickname, a reference to Steam-account and history of drops. TOP-users is always available via the link in the header. Also at the bottom of the page you can see the overall statistics Topcscard.
You always get your skin! If you have not taken a thing or decide to sell it online, you will receive the equivalent value of the object at his own expense. You can always go to a profile and send the item again.

How to get the skin?

Step #1 Sign in through Steam, go to your account by clicking on the nick
Step #2 Play your first training ticket on the home page
Step #3 On the Account page , enter the Trade-link (what is it? ) — So you can instantly get the skins
Step #4 Refill your account on the site in any convenient way
Step #5 Open 3 of 9 identical fields in the ticket and get the best thing in the case! In this case you get in any case subject, as only you can open slot with a guaranteed skin package.
On Topcscard it decides not only luck, but your intuition!


I can not send an item won in Steam!
Just I joined the account and there is no money on the balance
I opened the ticket where my prize?
Why was my winnings sold?
I can not login trough Steam or send the item
Important! First of all, before you top-up before it opening the case - make sure that your Steam account can receive the items. Go to Steam account and go to the inventory should be notification that the account is frozen. Steam account can be frozen for 7 days after the change password, e-mail, Steam Guard, connect 2FA ... frozen Steam account can not receive the items, so our boat will not be able to send your winning item. This is an important point, so we have several times warned about this for prepaid and provides its trade links.
To process payments using Topcscard G2A Pay payment system. All payments are processed by this payment system. 99% of all the limitations and failures associated with restrictions G2A Pay. Usually, the payment is processed within 5-10 minutes. Sometimes the payment may be delayed by 1 hour. You can contact our support for more information about your payment.
Your winnings are stored in your inventory. In the inventory you can go by clicking on the prize, or on its own avatar in the upper right corner of the site
Skins in your inventory will automatically be sold after 24 hours. This preventive measure does not overwhelm your bots and keep in a case always available skins.
Topcscard Steam Community uses for authenticating users and sending skins. Sometimes Steam is experiencing difficulties in work or can not even respond to our requests.
If you do not find the answer to your question in this section, contact us at mail [email protected] .com, or message Facebook Community.